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Press releaseCJ EU and employment contracts: flight staff can appeal courts of the place

Luxembourg, Luxembourg - The national court must determine that place in the light of all the relevant circumstances, an employee’s ‘home base’ being a significant indicator to that effect

"Ryanair and Crewlink are companies established in Ireland. Ryanair is active in the international passenger air transport sector. Crewlink is specialised in the recruitment and training of cabin crew... more

Press releaseCJ EU. Obligation to declare cash over €10,000 applies international transit areas airports located territory Member States

Luxembourg, Luxembourg - Judgment in Case C-17/16 Oussama El Dakkak and Intercontinental SARL v Administration des douanes et droits indirects

"In 2010, the Benin company, Intercontinental, instructed El Dakkak to transport American dollars (USD) from Cotonou (Benin) to Beirut (Lebanon) by airplane, with a transit stop at Roissy-'Charles de Gaulle'... more